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We are facing unprecedented times and safety is of the utmost importance. Though I have always held a high standard for cleanliness and safety in my practice, I have implemented some changes to further ensure safety with services including:

  • Required face covering worn for entirety of appointment ( Face covering must cover nose & mouth. Gators and mask with respirator valve will not be allowed )

  • I wear additional PPE for all services

  • Touch points disinfected between clients

  • Adequate time between clients to complete additional disinfecting procedures

  • HEPA filter air purifier

  • Exceeding all State Board & CDC reopening guidelines

  • Reduced hours of operation

  • Daily temperature check of myself & check of symptoms

  • Client check of symptoms before service

  • Additional disinfection & prevention training

  • Contact-less payment options

Face waxing services with proof of full COVID-19 vaccination only

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